Mi Casa es Su Teatro 2011

Presenting: the 2011 Mi Casa Es Su Teatro, a smorgasbord of site-based work performed in local homes and businesses, and one of the most popular components of our festival. It all takes place on Saturday, February 5 from 11:30am to 7:30pm.

This year Mi Casa is curated by award-winning Austin playwright Aimee Gonzalez and includes dance, theater, film, music, and comedy. We've got a smaller carbon footprint than in years past, too, because all events take place in just three South Austin locations. That means you can take in more than one piece with little or no driving--or just come for the one you want to see; it's up to you. Don't miss the free wrap party at the end of the performances.

Tickets: $3 per performance. Cash only.

Read all about it below, then download the Mi Casa schedule and map, stick it in your pocket, and go!

Location A: 2311 Westrock Drive, 78704 11:30am - 1:30pm
Tickets: $9 for all three shows at this location, or $3 per show. Cash only.

"A Study of Disorders," a dance performance by Christina Robertson, Morgan Taylor, Mackenzie Taylor, Alana Deitch, Lily Hayes, Sarah Pressley, and Melissa Rosko
Time: 11:30-12pm, Cost: $3 Location: 2311 Westrock Drive, 78704
This piece is an interpretation on a few disorders that struck us personally or have invoked a certain fascinating vulnerability of the mind. These dances represent how the "imperfection" of having a disorder is distinctly human.

"Peter and the Wolf," adapted by Tim Doyle and Amelia Turner, performed by Biophiliac Productions
Time: 12:15- 12:45pm, Cost: $3 Location: 2311 Westrock Drive, 78704
The Biophiliacs have flipped Sergei Prokofiev's classic orchestration of "Peter and the Wolf" on its head, exploring the original themes through entirely different instrumentation.

Hello Again, a dance performance by The Sheep Army.
Time: 1-1:30pm, Cost: $3 Location: 2311 West rock Drive, 78704
A Dance Tribute: Memories refreshed and recreated in other earthly environments since 2003. Dancers: Errin Delperdang, Angela Johnson, Lisa del Rosario, Lindsey Taylor, Nicole Whiteside, Matthew Young

Location B: 6213 Boxcar Run, 78745, 2pm - 4:30pm
Tickets: $9 for all three shows at this location, or $3 per show. Cash only.

"The Man Who Never Cried" and "l Love You Will Smith": Two short films by filmmaker Bradley Jackson.
Time: 2-2:45pm, Cost: $3 Location, 6213 Boxcar Run, 78745
"The Man Who Never Cried"-Starring Keir O'Donnell, Jess Weixler and Madison Burge.
"I Love You Will Smith" -Starring comedians Mike Macrae, John Ramsey and Pat Hazell.

"Mother Hen: Not Your Mother Goose," a play performed by Rhonda Kulhanek
Time: 3-3:30pm, Cost: $3 Location: 6213 Boxcar Run, 78745
A rare reading of adult fairy tales and nursery rhymes from the yet-to-be published works of Mother Hen.

"Stag Comedy": performed by members of Master Pancake Theatre, Mascot Wedding Productions, and The Andrew and Matt Show
Time: 3:45-4:30, Cost: $3 Location: 6213 Boxcar Run, 78745
Stag Comedy presents a seamless mix of live and video sketches that are sure to bring a smile to your face and frowns to the faces of your many, many enemies. So join Joe, David, Mac, Ximena, Dave and Andrew as they bring you tales of dying gangsters, rude phone calls, cold revenge, doctors who are not the best, life-transforming BBQ and much more

Location C: 3601 Wilson Street, 78704, 5pm - 7:30pm
Tickets: $9 for all three shows at this location, or $3 per show. Cash only.

"Nora and Joe": a new short play co-written by Aimee Gonzalez and Elizabeth Cobbe
Time: 5-5:30, Cost: $3 Location: 3601 Wilson Street, 78704
Two teenagers join a school prayer group .. .for very different reasons.

Full Service: Music from local band Full Service.
Time: 5:45-6:30, Cost: $3 Location: 3601 Wilson Street, 78704
What kind of music does Full Service play? The party line reads "the calm and the storm." This Austin band has released nine albums and toured with 311 and Badfish across the country. Check 'em out at www.fullservicemusic.com.

Mi Casa After Party
Time: 6:30-7:30, Cost: Free! Location: 3601 Wilson Street, 78704
Come out and celebrate the conclusion of Mi Casa and then head to the Best of the Week Short Fringe at Hyde Park Theatre at 8pm!