2006 FronteraFest Mi Casa Es Su Teatro

ALL SHOWS ARE SATURDAY, FEBRUARY 4 and are performed in site specific locations around Austin. Times and locations vary; see information below. The 2006 Mi Casa was curated by Julia M. Smith.

Tickets $3 for each show. No reservations necessary.


"Dress Like a Docent"

Conceived and performed by Jaclyn Pryor and Julia M. Smith
docent/ n./ a person who serves as a well informed guide. How does one dress like a docent? Are we the protectors of art or art itself?
701 Tillery St. (running time 20 min)

"Allow us to Re-Introduce ourselves..."

(A Demo with Foundation Stage Combat, and Capoeira Da Rua)
701 Tillery St.(running time 30 min)


In a world of contradiction & chaos
Monologues, poetry, short stories, a dope beat with two homegurls and a house with no walls. D'Lo is a Tamil Sri Lankan American, political performance artist from LA. Florinda Bryant is an interdisciplinary artist, a southern gurl, who lives on the eastside.
5508 Samuel Houston Rd. (running time 45 min)

"Reader's Digest Musical Theater"

2 guitars, 1 girl, a box full of Reader's Digest by Party Trick Players.
919 Keth Ln. (running time 20 min)

"Artifacts of the World Trade Center"

When the towers collapsed, the streets of New York were littered with paper. Joe Felice shares the surprising, and disturbing items that landed in his neighborhood, and relates his experience.
919 Keith Ln. (running time 20 min)

"Oh Hell No!"

Elite Austin High School students discuss the tragedy of race and power in the context of Othello. 'Cause they know enough about Marx and Dave Chapelle to really bumble around.
UT Winship building rm. 1.148 (running time 20 min)

"The History Lesson"

History repeats itself in this movement piece about two rival professors by Dallas-based Audacity Productions...
UT Winship Building rm. 1.148 (running time 45 min)

"what to expect"

A girl and the space between - walls, outfits, trips to the pharmacy, Law & Order reruns, doctor visits, her ears. Written and performed by Sonnet Blanton.
1011 Avondale Rd. (running time 15 min)

"3 Feminine Instincts to Master--and 2 to Ditch"
a bathroom confessional.

A single 36 year old in New York confronts her many demons: Communism, Feminism, Sodomy and Pedicures. And how they all end up in Cosmo magazine. Written and performed by Jessica Hedrick.
1011 Avondale Rd. (running time 15 min)

Mi Casa After Party!!!

1011 Avondale Rd. Hosted by Sonnet Blanton