Mi Casa Es Su Teatro

Frontera@Hyde Park Theatre proudly presents MI CASA ES SU TEATRO, a one-day-only FronteraFest 2001 event celebrating cutting-edge performance in the homes of strangers. Curated by Laura Somers, this year’s event offers some of Austin’s finest artists presenting their work in living rooms all over Austin. There is NO WAY to see every performance so CHOOSE WISELY. Seating is first-come, first-served, and limited. At the end of the day, join all the participants for the late afternoon party (read on).

11 AM
1303 A Newton Street - Whenever We’re Opened by Wayne Alan Brenner. A dramatic reading of a true-life story about helping a mortician friend embalm some human corpses after a heavy rainstorm. Refreshments will be served.

2207 Del Curto Road - soft serve, hard core, power wash An interactive fantasy journey from dirty to clean. Get messy with Chris Alonzo, Carrie Esquenazi, Shannon McCormick, and other dangerously funny tour guides.

11:45 PM
1303 A Newton Street - original pieces by Valorie Jones that center around social issues that effect all segments the community, specifically the lack of love, drugs, and racial issues that stagnate all peoples (of all backgrounds) from growing.

1 PM
705 W. 32nd St., #B - by Poet on Watch. A sample of P.O.W.’s work can be found on www.freeversepublishing.com. Poetry with a political punch.

1509 Windsor Dr. - by Tiana Hux.
let dr. robert cantu help you peek with/ a gory look at life in the barrios/ we will break bread and bones/ where blood is thicker than water/ and we must eat ourselves to survive/ past lives reemrge/ to cast shadows bright and dark/ Tiana Hux creates a texan gothic/ stream of consciousness play/ especially for your pleasure/ eat me/ we are dying for you to com

1:45 PM
705 W. 32nd St., #B - Kinda Desperate, Kinda Cute by Terri Hudson. One of society’s oldest forms of entertainment and education. Storytelling. Pull up your chairs and listen to Terri Hudson spin a yarn.

3 PM
3000 South First Street #101 (first duplex) - We Love Deez Hoes by April Matthis. An old black man scattin’; an unlikely priest; and the drunken soror-whore that comes between them.

3801 Speedway - The San Antonio Poetry Slam Team with Gerald Youngblood. Recognized as one of the best spoken-word groups in the country, our material ranges from Chicano issues to humorous but enlightening pieces about the National Rifle Association. Gerald Youngblood is the current Slam Champion of Austin. He represented the city at the National 2000 slam.

4 PM
3801 Speedway - skin/icon/media/myth - by joe. i’m a 24 y/o hiv+ queer chicano writer-fotographer

5 PM
3307 Hollywood Ave. - Voices Unsung - A piece by Gavin Dahl and Lindsey Moore that deals with humanity crossed into the eternal ... ghosts or angels or spirits who hang out with and keep an eye on a group of friends of the present day. Thank you clown dog.

5:30 PM
4509 Avenue D - The Seriously Silly Sisters Shadow Puppetry Troupe present El Gallo Gallante/The Radiant Rooster. This is a shadow story involving seven different animals who are searching for a home for the baby elephant to be born -- except for the Rooster. He wants to help, but the other animals only say that he gets in the way. In the end, the rooster’s true colors shine as he shows what he and only he can contribute -- believe in the power of all things and in the strength that difference brings.


Following the 5pm events, don’t miss the party at 3307 Hollywood Ave., 6-10 PM Featuring Far From Breaking, Spread Eagle, Mega Tron Bomb Squad, and LLAB!



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