As a 501(c)3 non-profit theatre company, Hyde Park Theatre depends on the generous support of our patrons to help us create great new theatre. Here's what your fully tax-deductible donation can do:

$50 pays for a month of internet service
$75 pays for a costume
$100 lights the stage for a four week run
$250 buys us a poster design
$750 pays for one month of guest artist housing
$1000 helps pay for a dazzling new set for a production

Make our day (week? year?) with a tax deductible donation to HPT:
Donate. (This link will take you to a secure form).

And here's another way you can help:

Want to VOLUNTEER with us? Let us know what you’re interested in and how we can get in touch with you by emailing Katherine Catmull. An let us know how you're interested in helping. A few possible areas --

Graphic Design
Help freshen the look of our lobby
Fundraising Events
Semi-annual "workday"
Social Events

Looking for an INTERNSHIP? Hyde Park Theatre hosts several interns each year.Please call Ken Webster at 479-7530 x 1 for more information, or email


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