2021-2022 HPT Season


Running Bear
by Raul Garza
June 16 - July 16, 2022

HPT is back with Raul Garza's beautifully written two-hander, Running Bear. This play was our pick for our 2021 Summer New Play Workshop. A successful middle-aged man returns to his hometown for a well-earned victory lap and finds himself on a walking bridge with a 17 year-old girl with quite a story to tell. Directed by Rosalind Faires, the play features Mical Trejo and Macy Butler.


initial concept by Olivia D'Ambrosio Scanlon, written by Katie Bender
August 4 - September 3, 2022

Judith, dressed as a man, moves to London to stand trial in her absent brother's place. When the trial goes badly, Judith begins to write plays to please the Queen and restore her brother's good name. A solo show about ambition, artistry, love and Shakespeare, directed by Madge Darlington and featuring Taylor Flanagan. Tickets on sale now.

I Love HPT
written and performed by Ken Webster
September 16 - October 8, 2022

Ken Webster loves HPT, and he's here to tell you all about it--for a good cause, raising money for the theater. HPT turns 40 this year. and in its honor Artistic Director Ken Webster will perform his monologue I Love HPT, a history of the space including tales of Webster's 43 years in local theatre. Funny, charming, chatty, and every dime goes to the theater. Tickets on sale now.


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